Hawaii (LomiLomi Massage)

… is Hawaii’s traditional form of massage, a full-body massage with oils (pure coconut oil) accompanied by Hawaiian music. This Massage is for woman only!

Duration approx. one and a half hours, 120€

The most common is the deep connective tissue massage with manipulation of the circulation of body fluids by muscles, tissues and organs. The pressure can vary between light and very large. Joints are included and stretches are made. This is an attempt to achieve quick recovery and relaxation for the stressed muscle. During the massage I use palm, finger, thumb, elbow and forearms.

A Lomi massage serves not only relaxation, but also physical, mental and mental cleansing. The Huna view of health and disease is similar to that in Traditional Chinese Medicine. (Tao-Massage) – in a healthy body, the energy (mana) flows.

Diseases cause blockages that manifest themselves physically as tension. The massage is intended to loosen these blockages on a physical and emotional level and to restore the harmony of body, mind and soul. Hawaiians say that although the physical body has pain, injuries or tensions are already based on emotional and psychological causes and have manifested themselves – first inside, which had an effect on the exterior.

Internationally, Aunty Margaret Machado, Uncle Kalua Kaiahua and Abraham Kawai’i DeCambra are considered important representatives of Lomi styles. Aunty Margaret Machado was the assistant to my Hawaiian Kumu (teacher), where I completed my training directly on Oahu (Hawaii).

ALOHA is the important message that comes across in this work. – Love, knowing that God is present.

stands for akahai, means kindness expressed with tenderness

stands for lokahi, means unity paired with harmony

stands for olu ‘olu, means happy – a happy person makes others happy

stands for ha ‘aha’ means modesty with decency

stands for ahonui and means patience with perseverance

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