After these now over 4 weeks, I feel completely overwhelmed and deeply touched but at the same time enormously energized by what I do here in Chiang Mai at Mahasiddha Tantra-Yoga School ( And that’s just the beginning. My affirmation (see above) is to live and practice what I have learned here every day.

I didn’t know exactly what to expect with this course. As a “Western” woman, I didn’t know much about Tantra. Had a negative touch for me because I as a masseuse and body therapist often got annoying calls about doing Tantra massage with “Happy Ending”. I used to be annoyed about it and thought – is everything clear in my homepage what I do, so why this annoying question? Many people think of the word Tantra as sex, with a spiritual aspect, or think of Tantra Massage, which is offered in this country as a kind of erotic massage. But Tantra can’t be reduced to sex any more than yoga can be reduced to a sport. Because Tantra and yoga can and are much more.

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