Two people who were very close to me once told me, that you can love someone even if you don’t love yourself. – Is that true? Is that possible?

Well, if I want to give or give something to someone, then it has to be mine first, doesn’t it? – So how can I give something that I do not have myself?

If I want to give someone water to drink, I should at least have some with me. But when I’m dying of thirst myself and only have a sip of water left, there’s no point in giving someone else the water, one of you will definitely die of thirst. It is similar with our relationships. How can I love someone if I have no love for myself? – Would I want to get to know and love myself if I met myself? Or do I insult and condemn myself, devalue myself and accuse myself again and again?


Unfortunately, we often do this, namely when we are dissatisfied with ourselves or when our beloved have “triggered” us by reminding us of a long forgotten situation through an act or statement. For example, a behavior of your mother, who has insulted you and made you small and has forbidden you to speak, has thrown at you that you are lazy or stupid or naughty. If a similar comment, a hint or a certain voice comes from your partner, we immediately feel like we are being taken back as a child and react accordingly hurt, angry or sad. These wounds are often not healed and we look for the love our parents missed in the outside, in our partner. If we don’t take a closer look at these childhood wounds and triggers and heal them, and learn how important it is now to take this into our own hands and give this love to ourselves, your partner can endlessly love you and do everything for you, but it will never be enough – because YOU are not enough and do not love and accept you as you are. And you yourself will have the feeling that it will never be enough!

Where will the healing and love come from that you cannot feel or are not? Because that is you, pure love and came into this world out of love!

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Today is Good Friday in English – Goodfriday. This day has always been a special day for me, a good day. Jesus died this Friday more than 2,000 years ago on a full moon night for the people. He sacrificed his life for love and truth. He has not hid with his faith and views, but has confessed to love and faith in himself and in his Father (Jahweh) God, and has thus “paid” for it with his life – for us, as friends who even slandered him on the day of his death. for fear of being convicted as revolutionaries of the “New World” in which not religious leaders or politicians should have power, but in which love and faith in themselves and humanity should be at the forefront. “- Love your neighbor – like yourself ” , this should be the only and new commandment for all. – This is God’s kingdom on earth and requires no religion, no politics, no weapons and wars to defend, because everything could simply work if every person orients himself to love, to compassion and helpfulness, to sharing joy and happiness. and abundance, but also grief or fear, and care for one another instead of just thinking of oneself and accumulating wealth and power. This was Jesus’ teaching, and for that he even died.

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We don’t meet people in life by accident. They cross our path for a special reason

this and that Title was created by my dear friend Debbi told me that I will soon be blogging my next country of travel – Thailand. She thought the travel tips would be all well and good, but so impersonal, and I should tell you about “meetings”.

too this is a new claim for me, a challenge to become more personal, and to tell the readers what I am personally so happened on my travels. In part, I have the yes already done in my last blog by referring to my Tantra-Yoga experience.

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After these now over 4 weeks, I feel completely overwhelmed and deeply touched but at the same time enormously energized by what I do here in Chiang Mai at Mahasiddha Tantra-Yoga School ( And that’s just the beginning. My affirmation (see above) is to live and practice what I have learned here every day.

I didn’t know exactly what to expect with this course. As a “Western” woman, I didn’t know much about Tantra. Had a negative touch for me because I as a masseuse and body therapist often got annoying calls about doing Tantra massage with “Happy Ending”. I used to be annoyed about it and thought – is everything clear in my homepage what I do, so why this annoying question? Many people think of the word Tantra as sex, with a spiritual aspect, or think of Tantra Massage, which is offered in this country as a kind of erotic massage. But Tantra can’t be reduced to sex any more than yoga can be reduced to a sport. Because Tantra and yoga can and are much more.

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The Philippines consists of more than 7000 small and larger islands. Since I have “only” 3 weeks and want to get to know at least a few of them, I decided for the area Cebu, which belongs to the Visayas. I reached Cebu City from Singapore via Manila (capital of the Philippines) with Cebu Pacific. Unfortunately, I can’t say much good about the airline, because every flight I flew with Cebu Pacific (3 flights) was delayed, every time over an hour. There was also a lot of savings in the service. Even with the water you have been greedy.

Since I am on vacation and in chill mode, I wasn’t particularly excited. – Why, since my attitude in everything in life is that everything is right and good, as it is and there is always a reason for everything, both large and small.

First of all, I would like to report how dear and especially the people are here. One is greeted almost everywhere (especially outside the cities) with a warm smile and “Hello”. All the children wave to you and rejoice when you can speak a few words with you.

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