Foot Reflexology Therapy

… is an alternative method of diagnosis and healing, based on the realization of the American physician William Fitzgerald (1872-1942) that the foot can be divided into many small areas, each of which, like the Head ianzical zones, can be divided via common nerve pathways. correspond to the body and organ areas.

With certain massage techniques on the foot zones, the corresponding organs/organ systems can be evaluated diagnostically and energetically stimulated. Blood circulation can be activated specifically, energy blockages can be dissolved, pain and tension conditions can be corrected.

Treatment Costs

One hour of treatment / incl. Advice will be charged with 80, – €. Extensive initial consultation (anamnesis) 1 – 2 hours 80 to 160 euros (billing takes place every 10 minutes).

The costs for further treatment appointments depend on the respective applications. The billing takes place after the fee regulation for non-medical practitioner (GebüH). Please note that the payment is currently only possible with cash.

Extra Charge

For reserved appointments that are not attended or canceled until at least 24 hours before the start of the meeting, a cancellation fee of € 80 will be charged.

Is the treatment taken over by the health insurance? For settlements for submission to the private health insurance is billed according GebüH. Please inquire best before starting treatment at your health insurance.

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