Maui (ManuMana Massage)

Duration approx. one and a half hours, 120€

From the many techniques I have already learned I use various aids such as sound, aromatic oils, cupping, stretching etc. to stimulate the natural flow of energy and thus to harmonize the body, mind and soul. Thus I have developed my own “technique”, inspired by the holistic, the Taoist path of healing work, which perceives man as a whole, in all its aspects. This does not include “just” strained muscles “massing away”, but taking into account the psyche and soul and how this is reflected on the body or. I talk to my clients in advance about your concerns.

Yin and Yang (concept from Chinese philosophy, stand for polar opposite and yet interrelated forces) are to be balanced and the energy pathways of the body freed from blockages. In particular, this activates the natural self-healing powers of man.
– This Massage is for woman only!

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