It’s that time again, I will spread my “wings” like a migratory bird on 29.12.22 (until probably the end of March) and go travelling again. My name is not Manu , which means bird in Hawaiian. I will educate myself again, move on healing paths and rest. Breaks are enormously important for further development. In breaks, new forces gather in you, whether it’s during sport or somewhere else.

Look forward to hearing from me in Mexico and … wherever it takes me. Feel free to follow me on Instagram under “manumana13” WhatsApp status and possibly a blog.

I will continue to explore the medicine I was able to learn about in Mexico. The main “medicine” is TVM (TM) – somatic Trauma Therapy. See under Therapy.
The 2nd medicine is the wonderful “Healy” – Frequency Medicine (Tesla Technology) – Here is my referrer link:
And as 3rd medicine – Mama Cacao – Cacao is not only delicious in chocolate but a real healing plant and “food of the gods” with many hundreds of active ingredients. I would like to dive deeper into this plant medicine on site.

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