Traditional Chinese Medicine

The TCM is a comprehensive Eastern medicine whose study takes at least as long as our Western conventional medicine. For this reason, I have specialised in a number of areas of this area, with which we can achieve essentials and make use of ourselves in this country.

A sub-area is the meridian work (energy pathways of the body) These include acupuncture or Acupressure points that lie on these meridians and are treated. This can be achieved by massage, acupressure, acupuncture or stretching, cupping or moxibustion (heating of special points of the body).

Ear acupuncture

Ear acupuncture as we know it today goes back to the French doctor Paul Nogier.

The meridian of a human being, as well as the whole body with its organs, limbs and joints are also formed as “reflex zones” in the ear. Therefore, acupuncture can work through the ear. For this the therapist uses either disposable acupuncture needles or a laser pen (for children or sensitive people). Chinese ear acupuncture in combination with traditional Chinese medicine is based on the philosophy of Taoism, which gives precise instructions for a “lifestyle in harmony with nature”.

Chi Nei Tsang (CNT)

Chi Nei Tsang is also a Taoist and thus holistic approach to massage therapy, which combines physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components and comes from Chinese medicine. Literally translated, CNT means “working with the energy of the internal organs”. Many people today have symptoms that “modern” medicine cannot cure, because the physical cause of many diseases is often not easy to find. The energies of negative emotions, stress and tension (all common nowadays) and the accumulation of past diseases add up in the abdominal center, which may cause blockages and accumulations.

Chi (energy) can no longer flow freely, which is shown by the fact that important organ functions become weaker or even become ill (stomach intestinal problems, liver diseases, inflammation, lung bronchial diseases).

These stagnations can be improved by techniques of Chi Nei Tsang and help to detoxify and regenerate the organs. It can also loosen other structures such as the neck, shoulder, hip and knees and help them to move more.

It helps to release manifested negative emotions that manifest themselves in internal organs through knots, clumps and bonding.

Treatment Costs

One hour of treatment / incl. Advice will be charged with 80, – €. Extensive initial consultation (anamnesis) 1 – 2 hours 80 to 160 euros (billing takes place every 10 minutes).

The costs for further treatment appointments depend on the respective applications. The billing takes place after the fee regulation for non-medical practitioner (GebüH). Please note that the payment is currently only possible with cash.

Extra Charge

For reserved appointments that are not attended or canceled until at least 24 hours before the start of the meeting, a cancellation fee of € 80 will be charged.

Is the treatment taken over by the health insurance? For settlements for submission to the private health insurance is billed according GebüH. Please inquire best before starting treatment at your health insurance.

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