Today is Good Friday in English – Goodfriday. This day has always been a special day for me, a good day. Jesus died this Friday more than 2,000 years ago on a full moon night for the people. He sacrificed his life for love and truth. He has not hid with his faith and views, but has confessed to love and faith in himself and in his Father (Jahweh) God, and has thus “paid” for it with his life – for us, as friends who even slandered him on the day of his death. for fear of being convicted as revolutionaries of the “New World” in which not religious leaders or politicians should have power, but in which love and faith in themselves and humanity should be at the forefront. “- Love your neighbor – like yourself ” , this should be the only and new commandment for all. – This is God’s kingdom on earth and requires no religion, no politics, no weapons and wars to defend, because everything could simply work if every person orients himself to love, to compassion and helpfulness, to sharing joy and happiness. and abundance, but also grief or fear, and care for one another instead of just thinking of oneself and accumulating wealth and power. This was Jesus’ teaching, and for that he even died.

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What happened after my time out…

After 3 days back at the old workplace, which is supposedly so safe, I realized that this security is difficult and expensive to pay, namely with freedom. I have been reduced to only working on tasks and duties and from obeying instructions that have been forced into one without regard. I felt like an object that you move from A to B, a thing, but not like a person, a person you talk to and take into account his feelings and abilities. If you are only judged by quantity instead of quality, and the customer falls by the wayside, this is no longer the right workplace for me.

This became very clear and so, after a mental breakdown and the additional burden of separation, I decided to find a fair solution, to leave the old company and to go my own way.

Winter is just around the corner and I am already suffering from wanderlust. – now I do not have to ask anyone, submit applications or revise myself in order to save additional time, which I can then reduce with vacation and flexitime. Because this is like 2 months 40 degrees Celsius and 2 months 0 degrees Celsius, are on average pleasant 20 degrees, but still freeze once 2 months and 2 months of extreme sweating. You don’t really have any of it.

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