Tantra Yoga Immersion

After these now over 4 weeks, I feel completely overwhelmed and deeply touched but at the same time enormously energized by what I do here in Chiang Mai at Mahasiddha Tantra-Yoga School ( https://tantrayogathailand.com/).. And that’s just the beginning. My affirmation (see above) is to live and practice what I have learned here every day.

I didn’t know exactly what to expect with this course. As a “Western” woman, I didn’t know much about Tantra. Had a negative touch for me because I as a masseuse and body therapist often got annoying calls about doing Tantra massage with “Happy Ending”. I used to be annoyed about it and thought – is everything clear in my homepage what I do, so why this annoying question? Many people think of the word Tantra as sex, with a spiritual aspect, or think of Tantra Massage, which is offered in this country as a kind of erotic massage. But Tantra can’t be reduced to sex any more than yoga can be reduced to a sport. Because Tantra and yoga can and are much more.

what I started here is a wonderful way of awareness-raising and application of newly acquired energy, which is strong that I don’t want to stop and this way want to go. It’s like my favorite yoga teacher and Friend Kathrin Hartig (Joy Alive) said: “Yes, Manu and Tantra, I think that fits very well…” – I feel now already after 3 weeks as newly born and wants to give you a little The topic Tantra and what I have learned to describe.

Unfortunately, there are few schools where the core of Tantra teaching is taught. So I am also very happy that I found exactly the right school, in one of my favorite cities, Chiang Mai in Thailand – Mahasiddha Yoga. Blandine from Germany and Uriel from Israel teach us theoretical and practical instruction with many mindfulness exercises, while Radu teaches us every morning Tantra Yoga practice with certain asanas (physical exercises), pranayama (breathing exercises) and Mantras to raise our consciousness and to bring more tantric energy into our daily lives.

I didn’t know that what I’m already living and thinking about love and partnership as it should be integrated into life and consciousness has a name – Tantra –

What is Tantra

The word Tantra comes from the Sanskrit (original language of India), such as Man-tra (holy verse) or Yan-tra (divine geometric shape for hold), tan-tra would literally translated “tissue” is called etymological meaning (Derived from the root of the word) means “Tan” expansion or extension and “-tra” instrument.

Almost a “way” how to constantly expand one’s consciousness. And all without drugs. – On the contrary. We are encouraged to give up the 6 weeks of meat and alcohol and other drugs.

Tantra is a holistic approach and universal. A study by the macrocosm microcosm and vice versa. Uniting all sciences such as astronomy, astrology, numberology, physics, chemistry, Alchemy, Ayurveda, Psychology, Parapsychology, Mathematics, geometry and, etc. and offers the highest ideals of philosophy in our daily life. Instead of separating everything separately and separately, Tantra combines everything, like pearls on a chain a rosary or a mala to help our daily lives in all areas, and in particular in relations. Yes even to increase the highest level of awareness through intensive experiences. possibly enlightenment.

Tantra is a commitment to grow all his life and intensively. Like a newborn is constantly in the development process until it becomes a teenager. Once we are “grown up”, in the normal case not too much develops. You give up much faster on something, and not like a toddler who wants to learn to walk and try it again and again until it works. It does not come to his mind. Thus the tantric is committed to constantly growing and consciously having intense experiences in which he grows, to live every moment of his life intensely, as if it were the last day of his life where no aspect is left out. Be it joy, grief, laughter, crying, anger, trust, doubt, shadow or light.

Tantra contains two key principles:

Intensity (Shakti) and Awareness (Shiva) – This is how we have intensive experiences in tantra in full awareness and mindfulness.

Shiva and Shakti

Shiva Shakti

Who or what is Shiva and what is Shakti all about?

In an earlier blog (http://manumanainasia.blogspot.com/) I had the 3 Indian main deities: Brahma (creator), Vishnu (keeper) and Shiva (destroyer, therefore often with trident with which he knocks off demons’ heads). Shiva is also considered the primal yogi (Adi-Yogi) of yoga practices by Shakti.

Shakti is “the cosmic energy”. Shakti is thus a designation of the divine Mother, the Goddess. Those who worship the divine Mother as Shakti, are called Lakshmi, Saraswati, Durgha or Kali “Shaktas” (appearances Of Shakti)

Tantra sees the whole universe as the interplay of Shiva and Shakti:

Hermaprodoid deity representing both qualities: on the left the female side (Shakti) and on the right the male (Shiva) side. Symbol of the Bipolar World

Shiva is “Universal Consciousness”, which is considered immobile, eternal and imperishable.

Shakti is the “intense cosmic energy” through which everything manifests itself, both in the visible as well as in the invisible world. There is nothing fixed, everything is vibrating energy in different “density”. Everything is in motion (emotion). Scientifically obvious, because it consists of electrons, neutrons and protons – i.e. Energy.

Matter, all forces, sounds, light, thoughts and emotions are manifestations of Shakti (so men and women are also Shakti manifestations).

The Shiva-Shakti philosophy is the core of the Tantra tradition and the basis of any Tantric practice, e.g. Kundalini Yoga Practice. The Kundalini is the energy that drives people to seek and strive for something higher. It can help the highest to achieve unity with the Absolute.

But back to my personal experience and insights at Mahasiddha Tantra-Yoga School in Chiang Mai.

I’ve learned that it’s 3 The main principles in Tantra are:

  • Resonance
  • Tranformation
  • Polarity

The Principle of ressonance

it teaches us that frequencies, movements and even behaviour Adapts. A fascinating ex-sample is seen in these YouTube videos visible.

The knowledge of resonance helps us to understand that everything can be changeable and yet adapted. But also that we can take advantage of this and adjust to a certain frequency. We are not victims, but can consciously choose what we want for our lives. Especially when it comes to feelings, or Well-being, we have the opportunity to practice choosing a desired frequency that we want to live or feel. By focusing on such, we can adjust to anger, anger, fear or even joy, love or happiness. Just as we set the correct frequency at a radio station, so does our inner attitude. So let’s choose LoveFM or JoyFM instead of RageFM.

That would also be the 1st. Step – choose what you want in your life. Step 2: – Induce and open this frequency by clicking on, for example, joy. Imagine a situation that you are heartbroken about joy or always joy.

Step 3: Focus the frequency, keep it stable. Consciously focus on joy and this situation and let you by nothing and no one from it Dissuade. Even if you fall back, it’s not a drama. then you get up and try it again and again until it gets to the “routine” Is.

The 2. Principle of Tantra – Transformation

This is about growing out of his comfort zone and expanding his consciousness through an intense experience. That is, First of all, I put my finger on my personal map, where I am at the moment and where I want to go. If I want to grow and get better in one thing, that means that I venture into the unknown and “uncomfortable”. An effort is needed.

For example, if I have a learning language means that, apart from the theoretical learning units, especially practice. That is, I have to dare to people to speak this language. Even if it is initially is difficult or embarrassing. This is also the case with dancing or Cycling. Theoretical knowledge is not enough. You can know all about dancing. But if you don’t practice in practice, you will you can’t either. However, if you practice intensively every day, you become a master. And so it is with everything in life. Tantra is Practice – Practically raise your awareness in what you want to do wants to achieve this.

Transformation could also be divide into 3 phases. Green, yellow and red zone. Green is the Comfort zone, in which everything is regulated and adequately run. Yellow is uncomfortable, exhausting, but once you’ve done it, you’re proud of itself (in sport, the training effect or Supercompensation possibly associated with muscle soreness). The red zone is an extreme, if you don’t know your limits and are overwhelmed or ignored. – In sport, this would be considered a sports injury (muscle fiber tear or worse). But that would only traumatise and you may never want to experience again.

The 3. Principle of Tantra – Polarity

Everything in life has 2 pages (duality) 2 poles, or 2 forces. And here we are again with Shiva and Shakti, – the male and the female principle. Shakti is energy, movement, expression, sound, manifestation and present moment while Shiva means consciousness, silence, center, rest, the seed of the way and eternity.

Shiva is the Yang principle:

  • Active – Effort
  • to burn
  • Anger
  • Joy of “being free” (be alone)
  • Giving
  • Leader
  • Death

Shakti is part of the Yin principle:

  • Passive – Resting
  • Assimilation
  • Sadness
  • Joy of abundance
  • Receiving
  • Next
  • to live

These polarities can be equilibrium if one of these characteristics is strongly Outweighs. If a part becomes dominant, this leads to an imbalance or even destruction. One cannot do without the other to exist. In all of us, these principles should be balanced dimensions exist. Just as the universe both principles, it is also to be found in ourselves, right up to the smallest atom.

This principle we can in tantra practice, where we use a pendulum – Both sides live – Shiva (consciousness) and Shakti (energy)

This can be seen, for example. b. Alone to have time for yourself and, on the other hand, to be socially active (Shakti) – time socially and with others to spend. Other examples include:

Food – Fasting

Work – Rest

Save money – spend money

Partying – Meditation

and so on…

Here one can ask oneself how much time I spend on and how much to regenerate – this so-called Work-life balance balanced? In our society, however, rest associated with laziness and we all work much more than half of a day or a week. You work 5 or even 6 days to rest on the 7th day. A Tantriker is conscious of this and lives both sides intensively.

But now to the question that many most interested.

So what does Tantra have to do with sex?

As explained above, the Tantra an “intense conscious experience” to make it together briefly to grasp. Shiva and Shakti are the two poles who have experienced these and nourish. What in life brings us the greatest joy and Satisfaction? What is the worst pain we emotionally to experience? – The answer lies in our sexual love relationships, Right?

Sexual energy is the strongest energy in us at all. So strong that you can new life produces.

Thus, Tantra is also a invitation to the sacred dimension of eroticism and sexuality explore and discover.

Tantra is not a technique, love, a prayer, the art of relaxing in the heart in order to create space where two lovers merge.

In Tantra we find ourselves again in childlike innocence; we learn to play with the we love. No sequence or timetable to follow, as something in the bed, which has to us of spontaneity and the moment in the now prevents them from living. to forget space and time and to show who we really are. 100% yes to our partner and the (sexual) experience and thus also put us into the “yellow zone dare”. Rediscovering each other every day strengthens our love affair and makes us grow and does not fulfill us only during sex but for our entire being with ourselves and our partner.

Tantra allows us to combine sexuality into the divine consciousness. To experience the heavens on earth while body, mind and soul unite and can experience an immense expansion of consciousness through tantric consciousness training.

Since sex/eroticism is such a powerful force in us, it would be good and advisable to learn to “control” this power and energy and use it properly before it controls us. – Many people (perhaps most men) are very “controlled” by their sex drive … – and here Tantra start to learn to use and control this power in us and not only during sex but in all relationships, especially with herself. It is about using this conscious experience of energy in such a way that our lives are filled with love, in everything we do and in all areas. Whether it’s work or dealing with our family, friends and love partners.

Unlike a monk or a nun who says 100% no to all worldly temptations and experiences, the Tantriker says about all the experiences he want to make consciousyes!

So “celibacy” versus “heavenly eroticism”.

In my opinion, celibacy is a sensitive matter, as it is intended to suppress this strongest force within us. Anything that is suppressed can “explode” and pervert in a dangerous way and wisely. As many examples of the so-called clergy of the Catholic Church and their sexual abuse show us. Even countries where sexuality is suppressed, as in many Muslim countries, there is the greatest violence and abuse of women (as an evil of temptation). These are the fruits of sexual oppression and a “demonisation”.

In contrast, you can love and sexuality through Tantra,and learn this power in Love to live.

There are instructions for this, recommendations to learn this and to experience this heavenly eroticism.

Tools for spirituality:

  • Self-control (self-control)
  • Energy
  • Liberation of our patterns
  • Transfiguration (filled with higher divine thoughts) that God or the Goddess see in the other
  • Love

Love is the most important aspect of spirituality and especially in Tantric sexuality.

In tantra philosophy, described in different ways:

The right-handed Tantra (Dakshina Marga), who aspires to the divine and lives sexually abstinently, because he wants to avoid anything that distracts him from this path. The goal is to let go of all preferences/preferences.

The left-handed Tantra (Vama Marga) allows and welcomes sexual activity, or Looks the sexual unification ritual as a way of the energies of Shiva and Shakti, and as a spiritual development.

If one looks at the universe, the macrocosm, the microcosm of the body is reflected, the expression of the highest creative force – an act of total devotion at the moment of pure love.

Exercises and practices are also taught in the so-called “Kundalini Yoga”. Exercises to activate this strong Shakti energy. Energy flows through energy channels. This Kundalini energy through the so-called Shushumna (runs from the Sakrum along the Spinal Canal up to the apex chakra), which flows through all chakras.

Tantric sex or celestial eroticism

Devine Lovemaking

The strong attraction of the Shiva-Shakti energy of sexual union, whether heteropair or homo pair is a sacred ritual, a spiritual experience, if one consciously experiences you, allows and in mindfulness constantly recreates his everyday love. This does not have to mean that you try a new position every time or do some acrobatic exercises in bed, but rather the process and the way of loving. What can tantrik lovemaking look like? (When I talk about husband and wife, I mean not only hetero relationships, but also same-sex relationships – it’s always about the Shiva – Shakti principle that’s in all of us).


Like a previous prayer of thanksgiving for the food, one could dedicate making love to a higher purpose and sit down meditatively beforehand and give the act of love an intention. (e.g. B. “Today I wish that this act will be transformed into more harmony in everyday life, that the won love-energy will be transferred to our children, etc.)


Remember who you fell in love with, how you got to know each other, what you love about him/her. Even after 20 years of marriage or being together, don’t think you know your partner. Rediscover yourself again and again. See the mystical undiscovered into each other. See the other as a completely new man. Push aside or dissolve what else bothers you (hairstyle, smell whatever) and see the goddess/god in the other.


There is nothing against a “quickie”, but if you really want to experience a higher, divine experience and grow in consciousness, this should be the exception. A house is also planned a lot beforehand and the right materials are put together to achieve a nice result. Why not have sex? Plan a little and adjust to it. The foreplay should last at least 20 minutes and the woman should have at least 1 orgasm before it comes to penetration. We often sit in front of the TV, computer or mobile phone for hours, why not give extra time for one of the most beautiful things in life, as well as for a sports or theatre visit? You plan for a few hours, if not half a day or a whole evening. Why not just make a whole day of love?

Especially for the man, this is a particularly nice exercise. To design the act of love in detail without ejaculating immediately. Therefore, both parts (in a hetero relationship) have to practice some self-control. Men can practice to come to orgasm without ejaculating and even men can experience multiple orgasms. How to practice this is another subject and, frankly, not mine. But at this point I would like to recommend the book by Mantak Chia “The multiorgasmic man.

Penetration and blowjob:

… can become a very intense merging experience for both of them, if you don’t go to the point with the final goal of an orgasm in your head, possibly under time pressure. Take detailed time and mutual mindfulness in the act and see the way as a goal, as a game, the variations, the intensity the variety of rhythm and speed, depth, the lingering the pure feeling intensely experienced and felt and communicated with each other which is good or feels less good. And if both have ideally come several times, an energy boost should also be noticeable. The orgasm that radiates throughout the body and is felt not only in the sexes is this strong spiritual energy that not only allows us to merge with our partner in the moment of love, but which connects us to everything and makes us happy. feel. (If a man manages to orgasm one or more times without ejaculation, he will not feel as tired and energyless as he usually does when he ejaculates. Because with this the man gives his essence and the body needs an enormous amount of energy to produce seeds again, that is also the reason why professional athletes should not have sex before competitions, respectively. rather should not ejaculate) – so he is also able to…


Take time, hold on, create awareness and mindfulness for each other, for what you have felt or feels. Tell each other what you particularly liked or what you would like to practice and do differently (“What was the moment for you as….”)

Avalanche Effect (How it becomes a sustainable spiritual and energetic experience and aftermath):

This is perhaps the part that few could understand or accept. But just try it out – as in sports to achieve a training effect, we need a regeneration and time or time. spatial distance from the training. In this case, it’s more of a spatial matter. Here it is the way to find the way back to yourself and to preserve the newly created love energy within oneself.

This is achieved by separating spatially after the lovemaking (each own apartment or at least its own room and bed)

For an hour or two, everyone can retreat into themselves and at best do yoga and meditate.

We are all individuals and best gather strength and joy in ourselves and with ourselves. Everything else is a kind of addiction and habit or distraction to overcome in Tantra. Everything that is effort and innovation is, so to speak, a training effect and brings us to incredibly new energies and higher consciousness. Awareness that love holds everything together and is the strongest power in the universe and in ourselves.

For me personally, it is not only obvious, but also desirable and natural to live the left-handed Tantra, because I see the divine in everything and sex is a new and rediscovered transformative energy.

Yogi Bhajan, founder of the Kundalini Yoga once said:

“If you can’t see God in all – you can’t see God at all..” (If you cannot know God in everything, you cannot even recognize God )

Practice seeing the Divine in your partner, even if you sometimes freak out and react totally emotionally to something you didn’t mean or didn’t even realize it could hit your partner. – She is and lives Shakti (energy) and in the end she is right, even if she is not right, isshe? Often it is only a matter of being heard and respected to show that it is important to you. And man does well to practice that and to be present, that’s Shiva – present. Understand, keep silence and simply love her with everything that comes with her, because she will bring you into the Shiva consciousness, or more profanely expressed will make you a more attentive, mindful person! For this we love the women, because they are full of energy, emotions and creativity.

It would be immature and childish in the spiritual sense to say “I want this but not that…” – There are always 2 sides of a coin! So let’s assume our partner is 100% as he/she is.

Many women want a man who is reliable and faithful and handles everything responsibly, but at the same time they want Don Juan, who is romantic and a stormy lover. – They scold an unfaithful man who has deceived them and brand him and all the men as a shit guy – typical man or complain that the man is blind in the household and does not see that socks or toothpaste tubes are lying open and so on… – Love the man as he is. Focus on its strengths. Pay attention to it and let him know and feel it. See in him what he is and also what you want, but don’t care for expectations. Expectations always lead to disappointment – to the end of a deception. Talk to each other, say what and how you feel, what you want without accusing the other or making any accusations. See the divine (Shiva consciousness) in him.

“The Tantric Path where we interpret and evaluate interpretations from our system. delete”

Tantric Exercises for everyday life

One could certainly not set one’s task to judge neutrally or even better for good. – try to see the divine and the good in everything you encounter. how? By orienting yourself to the orientand and directing your focus to what you see or notice positively and not what is obviously negative, disturbing, dirty, ugly etc. Is. This is only the subjective perception and actually only reflects what is hidden somewhere in you. If something bothers you about someone or a situation, pause and consciously realize that it’s just your interpretation. Where does it come from? – Look inward find only the things in you that you do not like and that you want to change or overcome.

Try to meet only one day “worthless” (uncritical) people and especially partners or children. Wear a ring or bracelet to put on your other hand every time you find yourself criticizing or judging your partner. – This may make you aware of how often we give labels to people and situations or put them in a drawer. There is a pattern behind it that we carry within ourselves, because we were shaped by what our parents and teachers said, what they thought were good and bad, right and wrong, etc. have been given, etc.

Tantra is about dissolving these patterns, questioning them and consciously changing his behavior. To look at something with completely new eyes (like a child) and try it out. experience in every area of our lives.

Practice mindfulness with what we see in the “outside” to recognize it in our “inner”.

You can say the happier and more serene you are with yourself and others, the less you bother with anything, or upset about someone, the more harmony is in your life, the more conscious you are – when chaos is around you and everything goes wrong , you are constantly sick, you are in trouble with your friend/girlfriend/partner or children, this is a measure of your state of consciousness.

In other words: – If you are satisfied with your entire environment and in harmony, the consciousness is of the highest degree.

How can this be achieved? Is that possible at all? – Tantra is a way, not an instrument or magic wand, that allows you to do this overnight. It’s about taking the first steps to achieve this. There are many possibilities and exercises for this.

As in yoga, the Tantric Path, the teaching of the energy pathways (Nadis) that I have mentioned before, is part of the Tantric Path. Since we have not one but thousands of them, it is important to know the system of energy pathways (also called meridians in Taoism) – this is a study in itself. But you can compare it to the bloodstream. What is needed for the blood to flow properly and all nutrients to arrive where they belong in order to be healthy and vital? – If we want to keep our arteries clean, we must ensure that the blood can flow unhindered. Without deposits due to atherosclerosis, which is mainly caused by a high animal protein enjoyment, but also by smoking and “not moving”. Through the regular use of our muscles, our heart is stimulated, which allows the blood to flow more freely.

So it is with all “tracks” or channels, even the energy pathways (Nadis), which can be clogged by poisons, such as alcohol, marijuana or other drugs, coffee and meat consumption (the digestive process of eating meat leaves many toxins in the intestine and clogs intestines and our “Nadis”). That would be a way to gain more awareness – to forgo certain things.

It’s not just food that clogs our energy webs. Also “bad and negative” thoughts and energetically low-vibration music (heavy metal), television (unconscious manipulation), constantly hanging on mobile phones or computers distracts us from the true consciousness.

Keep aware of what is important to you in life and what you want. – If it’s money, power, education, family, sex, relationship or just health, wonder what your desire is. At the end of the day, we all want to be happy! – This is the meaning in life and freedom and love are happiness and eternity.

These findings are not really new, but new and rethought and thought out with the help of the Tantra Yoga School Mahasiddha (https://tantrayogathailand.com/), which I am currently visiting in Thailand. For me, a new life has begun here, because much seems clearer to me and accompanies and helps me on my spiritual path. And that’s just the beginning. You never learned and so I just want to continue to “develop” to get to my true core – who I really am. I want to dedicate this newly gained transformed energy to love and healing to all the people I meet. And that fills me with incredible gratitude and love.

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