Trauma Therapy TVM™

TVM™ is… Somatic Trauma Therapy.

The Triple Vagal Method is a somatic trauma transformation method that aims to release and heal trauma while increasing vagal tone through physical manipulation of the main branches of the vagus nerve.
The vagus nerve is one of the 12 cranial nerves responsible for our survival, thus activating forces and resources within us responsible for the responses of flight, fight, fear, freeze, relax and social engagement (forming relationships, feeling and showing love) in the body.

I work in each TVM™ session on the branches of the vagus nerve which are responsible for these responses. This is done by touching and pressing points on the body that are connected to the vagus nerve.

– Because you may be suffering from these reactions of fear and rigidity or flight/struggle from a “trivial” situation in which you are actually safe, when in fact you are only longing for closeness and connection and cannot allow this due to one or more unprocessed (childhood) experiences that are triggered or recalled in this situation.

In this trauma therapy, through the application of the Triple Vagal Method (TVM™), you do not have to talk or analyze; this all happens through your wonderful body where the traumas or events are “trapped” or stored. This is done through gentle physical touch and stimulation of the nervous system, holding space and being present to end this trauma cycle, heal the deregulation and dissociation to restore safety in the body.

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