Thoughts and feelings about the full moon day on Good Friday

Today is Good Friday in English – Goodfriday. This day has always been a special day for me, a good day. Jesus died this Friday more than 2,000 years ago on a full moon night for the people. He sacrificed his life for love and truth. He has not hid with his faith and views, but has confessed to love and faith in himself and in his Father (Jahweh) God, and has thus “paid” for it with his life – for us, as friends who even slandered him on the day of his death. for fear of being convicted as revolutionaries of the “New World” in which not religious leaders or politicians should have power, but in which love and faith in themselves and humanity should be at the forefront. “- Love your neighbor – like yourself ” , this should be the only and new commandment for all. – This is God’s kingdom on earth and requires no religion, no politics, no weapons and wars to defend, because everything could simply work if every person orients himself to love, to compassion and helpfulness, to sharing joy and happiness. and abundance, but also grief or fear, and care for one another instead of just thinking of oneself and accumulating wealth and power. This was Jesus’ teaching, and for that he even died.

Jesus and Krishna – One

To remember this, Jesus asked his friends even before he died, because he knew that this would happen that night. To remember that they did not belong to this “world”, but expect the new world in which Jesus would reign, as a symbol of the love for humanity and no longer the ego, neither the social ego nor that of the individual. Ego – is everything and every thought that separates. All thinking that separates us from others, whether strangers or friends, and does not realize that we are all One. Conversely, a sense of compassion is one -WE that unites us and unites us. This can work very well if we stay with us in conflicts and do not seek or see the “guilt” or the problem in the other, but in it, even for everything and every RE action finds and reflects on itself. Only where we take over responsibility for ourselves can freedom, love and growth arise. Even if these situations in everyday life are often very emotional and seem difficult.

Full moon is for me and especially for the female sex my sisterhood is always a moving often very emotional time. (The) Moon has influence on the tides (ebb and flow) on water and water stands as a symbol of emotions (movement). So today I would also like to spend the day in emotion, acceptance, love and like to share this with my sisters. I will do a full moon ceremony today and all the sisters who are allowed to read this will be happy to call me, write to me when and where I do. In Love, Your Manu

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