Thailand Encounters

We don’t meet people in life by accident. They cross our path for a special reason

this and that Title was created by my dear friend Debbi told me that I will soon be blogging my next country of travel – Thailand. She thought the travel tips would be all well and good, but so impersonal, and I should tell you about “meetings”.

too this is a new claim for me, a challenge to become more personal, and to tell the readers what I am personally so happened on my travels. In part, I have the yes already done in my last blog by referring to my Tantra-Yoga experience.

Thailand is somehow a magical land for me, similar to India and Hawaii draws me there again and again. Must have many previous lived there, which would explain some things and what Dinesh, a very spiritual friend, and Claudia, also in have confirmed this category in a falling way…

Both apply the ability to know where someone comes from, what an aura they have, and karma. And there we are already at my first and most beautiful encounters on this journey.

Immediately after the Philippines in Bankgkok I met again with my dear friend Tori and we explored the city a little bit together. On foot and with tuk tuk as well as water taxi we are to the “Golden Mountain Temple” and Wat Arun. To celebrate 2019 together on 31.12.18. What we did on the “Rama VIII” bridge (fireworks) and in the “Blues Bar”. Great mood great people. The hot kiss of an unknown person sweetened me the beginning of the year.

The next day we went to a great bar “Above 11” and enjoyed Bangkok’s view and after a farewell from my travel companion Tori I am “alone” again and look forward to an independent onward journey, “Go with the flow, and do what you wana do.” without having to talk to anyone.

We are not people who have spiritual experiences, but spiritual Beings, with a human experience.

But now to my meeting in Bangkok. You might think it’s a women’s story, but no, i’ve been meeting wonderful males over and over again for a few months now. So also in Bangkok, – a man stands on the side of the road on Khaosan Road and sees me and my tank top labeled “Peace & Love” and asks me directly: “What do you think is more important, Love or Peace?” (which is more important, love or peace) which led us both to end up in a profound conversation. Dinesh and I then went out to have coffee together and talked about God and the world. It was a soul encounter, quite clearly. It felt so familiar and deep from the beginning, as if we had known each other forever. After I told him my date of birth, he told me that this was a Wednesday (which impressed me quite a bit) and it was a “Ganesha day”. (most popular Indian deity, stands for overcoming resistance and happiness and prosperity). Ganesha is probably not by chance my Indian favorite god figure and I already have countless T-shirts, jewelry and figures at home. He also saw my aura, which is blue (my favorite color and belongs to my “weak point” chakra – Vishuddha (throat chakra). So he recognized my “themes/blockages” (neck pain, neck pain) and offered to meditate with him, which I gladly accepted. However, there was no time since I flew to Phuket the next morning.

But that was not the end. He offered to live in his apartment in Bangkok if I came back to Bangkok, which I accepted. He also introduced me to his wife and children and when I was with him we spent 5 intense days together and meditated in the morning and evening, visited Hindu temples and shared stories, wisdom and humour. He also eats vegetarian and so I came with him in Bangkok to the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants. I have learned so much from him, so that he has not only become a good friend of mine, but also a bit far my guru (spiritual teacher). He taught me to be calm in everything, to worry less and to think less, and to take things as they come – in confidence. Not that I would have done it anyway and knew it, but through him everything has gained more importance and through his motivating way I have managed everything much better since then. He motivated me to take the Tantra Yoga course seriously and to fully immerse myself in it. Through him I have learned even more to apply what I have heard so many times – not to take myself too seriously, not to be neutral to everyone, not to evaluate, not to take money so important, to be generous in giving, because – the more generous one is with oneself and above all with others, the more comes back in any form. But this should not be the motive for giving, but much more love, a willingness to share and consciously offer gifts. For example, he told me to buy 11 bananas and give them to people I’ve just met. So I always had the idea to share or give small things, like flowers, fruits, a meal with people who were close to my heart. This could be a friend from school, or a homeless person in the street.

He also noticed that I had an unpleasant, disappointing experience for me at first, but also a very nice experience at the same time. So he asked me to see everything neutral, not to evaluate it and to take it as it is. – In Phuket I was in a hostel where I met a man, Ricky, an Indian living in Australia, who was very nice and entertaining, storyteller and cook who cooked me delicious Indian. However, I immediately noticed that he drinks quite a lot and also some strange stories have happened to him again and again, such as. B. that he was so drunk that he didn’t even know he was in that state… That’s just one of the stories. The other was that his laptop and wallet with his credit cards were stolen. His sister had to send him money from Australia until he got a new credit card. On my last day he stood in front of me howling that something terrible had already happened to him, he overlooked that he should have left 7 days ago (which will cost him at most 7 times 500 baht) and he needs a flight immediately and he has no cash. I was his last rescue because it was about immediate action, so of course I helped him, booked him the flight and gave him the money…. – That I haven’t gotten back to this day, even though he promised that his sister would transfer it immediately…

I just told him that I acted out of trust and compassion, what he makes of it is HIS karma, he has to live with. Unfortunately, such people usually do not realize that they are going into a negative spiral and never get out of the “debt trap” again, if they think, what should they, they have enough money anyway, otherwise they could not have borrowed it for me… – Which is somehow true, because I am not thinking about the fact that I am missing now, but that I have helped someone. This happened to me four years ago. I lent a high amount to a friend to help her out of trouble. She hasn’t paid it back, not even a part, but that’s her karma or whatever you call it. She still has “bad luck” with money and work and her depressions have gotten worse and worse. It is such a pity that she has not yet realized that happiness is in her own hands through which we act. So she probably walks around all her life as a victim, how bad the world is and how bad she has in life with work, money and love… I never asked for the money back, and I don’t need it, because it came back several times in a different way. But to this day I wanted to leave her the possibility to at least try and show “Good will” in order to free herself from her karma. But who knows, maybe one day I will be surprised.

And so I did it again, helped someone even though I had “abdominal pain” and felt inwardly that I never see the money again. But that’s what life is all about, never giving up and not giving up on anyone, because we could just as easily be in such a role! In addition, I helped a girl – Alina – from Germany in the same hostel, because she lost her credit card and she needed cash. And she gave it back immediately when she had the opportunity. And we spent a nice time on Phuket, Koh Phi Phi and Raileybeach (Krabi) as she went the same way as me.

Love knows no bounds and is unconditional. I learned this not only through Dinesh, but also in the Tantra Yoga School “Mahasiddha”. Even if it is not customary in Indian or Thai culture to take oneself in public, love is boundless and knows no taboos – I have never received and given so many real loving hugs in my life as in the last 2 months. in Thailand. And here I am at the next “meeting”… – The many dear and very special people in the Mahasiddha Tantra Yoga School, each one of you was a special encounter. Sometimes just an “eye-look” – eye gazing, sometimes a long hug, sometimes a nice conversation and in some cases a beginning of a new friendship. The school in Chiang Mai was the main reason for my trip and so much has happened (internally and externally) that my life has changed a lot for the better.

i I learned so much and “took it” that I decided have to cancel the India flight and stay in Thailand, the visa in immigration, and thus also new travel and travel make flight schedules, as I don’t make the flight from India can perceive.

Originally I wanted to do it on 4. February after the Tantra Immersion Course Level 2 to India. However, I just wanted to keep going and Complete the course. So I got my flight to Bangkok for a week and the 3rd completed part of the course.

I outlined the content of the course in my last blog. However, more the theory. But I do not want to elaborate on exactly what we have done, because this would go too far. In addition, perhaps someone has become curious and wants to attend this course, which I can highly recommend to everyone.

I have never experienced so many warm, spiritual wonderful, enthusiastic creative and intelligent people in a heap. The energy vibration was very high and sometimes too much for me (in the sense of too many people together in one room), so that I was tired in the evening and didn’t want to entertain myself any more. That came more after the course. There was a need for me to talk to individual people and exchange ideas. Many of you work as healers, do massages, yoga teachers, Reiki therapists, psychologists, bloggers, translators, teachers etc. So I was quite impressed by a young couple , – Alisa and Chris, both working online advising. – But not the usual Life Coach Story but spiecial topics. Chris advises men on sexuality and issues related to men and health, and Alisa advises women and takes courses on women’s issues (menstruation, sexuality).

Man Yee from Hong Kong has always animated me to “Dance-Mandala” in the “Yoga Tree”. A kind of meditative Dancing, which can be very emotional.

Sanne was with me and a few other women at “Dialogue with the Goddess Saraswati” in “Heart Space”. A wonderful center of an even more wonderful woman, Gabriella, where various events are offered. They are all for heart and soul. That evening, we talked about feelings that we women, especially when we have our days or it’s a full moon, experience and how we can use that feminine power within us. The goddess Saraswati stands for creativity and flow of life, communication and information. Where these elements rule is Saraswati. Sanne was with her partner John at the Tantra course and also “hanged” in my heart you and John have a creative wood shop in England.

One woman was particularly fond of me, Ananda, one of the most beautiful women I have ever met (both externally and from the strong and warm energy she radiates). I fell in love with her from the first second. And even though she was there with her boyfriend, that didn’t stop me from sharing my feelings with her in a poem. I firmly believe that if you feel very strongly for someone, that person is or brings a special task or gift in your life. It’s up to us how openly we are going to do it, and above all how much we can let our expectations out of it. In the middle of this, I wonder at every meeting what this person thinks i am ready for me and what I can bring to this person as a gift in life. – That’s how I handled it with Ananda. For me it was already the most beautiful gift to meet with her for a full moon ceremony in the “Heart Space” and to be able to do the exercise with her, a task that we should do in pairs of two. We held our hands and looked deep into our eyes and were just allowed to say from the heart what moves us, what the moon does with our feelings and just listen without having to say anything. Afterwards, we and the other wonderful women formulated affirmations to turn these sometimes negative feelings into a powerful belief, such as “I am a happy person at all times – I am lucky”.

You then surprisingly me at the Chiang Mai Gay Pride and we wanted to go dancing. But it should no longer be she is going through a difficult time and is of its own subjects. So that I don’t ask any more or for a date please. This must be wanted by both sides and at the right time in the right place. It wasn’t intended, but as the beginning of a new friendship with a wonderful woman, which I am sure at another time and maybe see it in a different place.

Ryan, a man who also works as a body therapist and practices Reiki, met me one evening at the vegetarian food stand. We talked about how nice it is to live in Chiang Mai, in a city full of conscious people. In which there are countless opportunities for a good, joyful and health-oriented life, in which you can do trainings for everything related to healing, healing/energy work or healthy nutrition. As an American, he has no opportunity to practice in the States if he has not also completed an education or study there. What is different in Chiang Mai and there are many ways to live and yet earn an income. I’m glad to have met him and next time we’ll do a treatment exchange, which is what we like to do here anyway.

A my favourite location is an organic restaurant – the food there is super tasty and I also have here mostly my favorite curry – Kow Soy – eaten. A curry with crispy noodles… Here I have met a young man who was just getting his 1 month Training with the great master “Mantak Chia” in Taoism has completed. This also made me very curious, because a lot of is already my area. – Chi Nei Tsang, for example, is a tCM applied abdominal organ massage which is very deep. He’s also the author of “The multiorgasmic man” and is a holistic Taoist healer.

The young man was still at school with his thoughts and told me enthusiastically about it. Now he goes to Rishikesh – India, where I actually wanted to go…

On the full moon night ceremony in “Heart Space” I met another great woman. – Desiree from Switzerland. Together on the full moon night we are still in the “Goodsouls” a vegan reastaurant with the most delicious cakes imaginable. She is a thorough vegan and a very loving, humorous person with strong ideas and ideas. We exchanged views on topics such as “Anastasia” – the woman living in the Siberian taiga, who lives totally in harmony with nature and has created a movement, so that communities around the world have emerged that live this knowledge. As well as about “Christina von Dreien” the 17-year-old girl, who has supernatural perceptions and abilities and lives a “super-consciousness” and gives training. – Desiree and I dealt with all these topics and we had a lot to chat about. From then on we spent a lot of time together and she too lets herself be guided on her journey and does not make any plans but goes with what is to come. I could do it. b. To inspire you to go to Tantra-Yoga, which she liked mega and now wants to continue.

Antonio – a man from Madrid, has lived in Chiang Mai for 3 months and was one evening in the same cafe as me – “My secret Cafe in town”.

he told me that that evening is life music and i am should remain. We chatted about everything and super understood. I knew from the beginning that he was gay and asked directly. He was super surprised when I told him I’m gay and Like Women. We are then a week later went to salsa dancing and I have with him my Dance practice refreshed. We got along very well and it was to be very refreshing with him. He took me to Madrid and I will certainly accept that.

Ums Corner of my guesthouse is a “juice shop” in which you can definitely must go. Is a kind of beer garden only not with beer but with juices, smoothies and fruit bowls. The Owners – Boom and Sun are super-fun and inspiring. They are already calling you that one should come in. And advertise with Wifi – password “I love You!” – Magnificent…

Sven and Lotte from Holland are also artists from the “Mahasiddha School”, who beautify the wall and conjure up a wonderful tree.

how you can see the encounters here do not end and I could so continue to write forever. These are just a few of my encounters. This Encounters make life doubly livable and beautiful. I was to have to move on really melancholically in the end, because my visa has already been exceeded by 1 day. normally costs the 500 THB penalty per day Overstay. But I had somehow luck and at the airport on leaving – I had to why and why, but they have it so let it pass through.

in return has me another surprise, not so pleasing, Expected… – When leaving and checking in, I have, as usual, my Backpack placed on the tape. The lady at the check-in said I didn’t have a Luggage booked. If I need to take my backpack with me I pay the kilos, which at 22 kilos (had before bowls purchased) would cost 11500 baht (330 euros). – Me has the blow hit. How could I overlook that? I had only from Chiang Mai to Bankgkok luggage booked and at 2. Flight No baggage specified to Bali… This was once again an experience from which I was able to learn expensively. However, I then have a completely new ticket bought with luggage, which is much less, namely 130 Euro, cost.

Dinesh came to the airport to say goodbye to me and to give me a very personal gift. A chain pendant the Ganesha and who was particularly initiated by him Was. With a 4 hour of ceremonial. I still have something special never get as a gift. Certainly not by someone I’m only 2 Months know… When I saw him and we hugged each other, I just had to cry – tears of joy around my new dear friend from India. I feel very deeply at him and we are both sure that it will be in a previous Life gave a story with us. He said he had Meditation also seen which. When we see each other again (he is coming visit me in Germany) we will meditate together again, so that I can see it.

what I was fascinated by the fact that I was at the 1st Meeting Claudia Glück (my German spiritual teacher) about him. i had shown him a picture of her, whereupon his face was rays and he said: “You and I we have both the same aura color – blue , Claudia has a golden Aura”.

She immediately meant she had known him for so long from “previous times” and So did I, and I should spend as much time as possible with him…. – Which I did. And it was a wonderful time. I am so grateful that he has come into my life and in general I am super grateful for all the wonderful heartfelt things in Thailand.

I am very curious to see how everything goes on and what and who will meet me in my next goal and for the time being last stop – Bali.

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